About Us

Founded as a class project in 2008 at The University of Texas, Simply International was created with the goal of enriching the international experience for students and scholars. We have a passion for cultural exchange, and we are proud that our services have had a positive impact on the international community. We hope to expand our positive impact to many other students, scholars and international offices.

Simply International’s online dashboard is completely customizable by program, as are our service offerings. If you are a sponsor or international office that would like to work with us, please email Support@SimplyInternational.com.

Our Social Impact

Created by Creative Stall from the Noun Project

Enriching the Cultural Experience

Created by Sergey Demushkin from the Noun Project

Increasing Access to Internationalization

Created by Chameleon Design from the Noun Project

Expanding Affordability

Advocating for students in moments of difficulty, with a specialized focus on housing/landlord issues

Fostering a community through our online platform that enables communication with program participants

Cultivating relationships through social events

Our Team

Kristen Carson
Bryan Henson
Zach Franchini
Amy Gill
Brent Hays
Sean Lewis
Front End Developer
Krista Page
Sushi Sutasirisap
Alessia Cousineau
Joseph JD Garcia
Brian Alford
The Other Stuff

Our platform is free... and awesome.

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